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Camera ∞

For iOS 6 user, if you encounter "User Denied Access" error, please goto Apple's Settings app, enable access under Privacy -> Photos for Camera ∞.

You can take around 10 shots per sec. in the new iPad, thank for the faster process and more memory, but you still can get fairly 5 shots per sec. on iPhone 4/4S, for your reference, here is some icons explained in detail:

mode dialroll the dial to pick a shooting mode
shutterpress shutter to snap a picture.
timer after you press the shutter, it will count down from 5 with sound, use plusminusto increase/decrease count down.
single single shots, when you press the shutter, take only one picture.
multiple as long as you press the shutter, the camera will continuesly take pictures as fast as it can.
multiple sound activated shutter, just make loud enough noise to take a picture.
Flash Mode
noflash no flash will fire even in dark.
autoflash automaticly fire flash if it's dark.
alwaysflash always fire flash even if it's bright enough.
alwayson always lit the flash even in preview mode.
rotatefront/back camera switch.
photos photos are saved in APPLE's Photos app, looking for the icon with sunflower.

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